Nampa Lawn Mowing Services

How your lawn is mowed is very important. Mow lines are a given and are a part of mowing grass. We pride ourselves in straight lines. Mowing is an art to us. Each week we change the direction of the mow lines. One week is a straight line, the next week is perpendicular to the previous week's line. The next week lines are diagonal to the straight lines. Essentially the lawn is mowed a different direction each week.

Lawn Edging Nampa, Idaho

Lawn edging can turn a good looking lawn into a great looking one. Paired with regularly scheduled mowing, edging your lawn can help in the reduction of weeds and improve the overall health of your lawn. Edging your lawn gives cleaner lines, weed-free borders, maintains the structure and shape of your lawn's edge, and keeps it looking great.

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