Nampa Landscaping Maintenance - Majestic Landscape Company

We are a full service landscape maintenance and design / build company. We work hard to provide the best services for you and your landscape.

The Majestic Landscape Concept

Your lawn is living and breathing. It is not just a mow job, it's a work of art. The lines, direction, and height of the mowing all play a part of the fine details of the maintenance process.

What sets us apart is that we do not hurry the Maintenance Process! For example, a 10 x 10 area would not be mowed properly with a 48" deck mower. A 21" walk behind would be appropriate for a more manicured look. While efficiency and cost are always a driving force, we will not sacrifice quality.

Spring Clean-up Services

What is Spring Clean-up?

Leaves and debris that have accumulated over the winter are removed from lawn and bed areas. Leaf rakes and blowers are used to remove leaves and debris so that the end result is a spotless lawn and bed area.

Why do I need Spring Clean-up?

Spring clean-up helps clean up your yard of debris that has accumulated all winter. In doing so, it allows light to the lawn areas so that spring growth can start. Debris also can harbor overwintering insects that could cause problems with trees and shrubs. Spring clean-up is necessary for a healthy lawn and beautiful landscape.


Your landscape is a living, breathing entity that requires delicate care and special attention. We pride ourselves in catering to our clients needs and provide service from start to finish.


We are a design / build landscape construction company. From personalized design to landscape installation we have you in mind to provide a unique landscape that fits your needs.


Landscape lighting can bring your landscape to life after the sun goes down. In addition to added aesthetic and value, landscape lighting also adds safety and security to your property.


Professionally installed sprinklers offers your landscape a consistant source of water and prevents waste by supplying water to where it is needed the most on your property.


Hardscapes can add beauty to your landscape. These items include patios, walkways, stacked garden beds, and more. We will work with you to help make your vision a reality.

"The Majestic Edge" - 5 Essential Basics For Well Groomed Lawns

  1. Mow Height: The height of the turf grass is critical to the sustainability of the grass plant.
  2. Blade Sharpness: The mower blade needs to be sharp to cut the grass blades cleanly.
  3. Direction of Mow: Change the direction of mowing each week. Mow lines should be straight.
  4. Proper Irrigation: Do not water every day. Water sufficiently for the time of the year, then let the ground dry.
  5. Fertilization & Weed Control: Proper nutrition is a must in our arid soils.